About us

Dave Abion Consulting is a leading Human Resources Development organization specialising in counselling and recruitment of Nigerian students wishing to study in leading overseas Universities and Colleges. We are currently associated with many reputable overseas institutions. We assist suitably qualified Nigerians seeking to study abroad to realize their dreams by providing them with career counselling and guidance so that they are able to make informed choices about courses at any of our overseas universities and colleges most suited to their academic ability and career aspirations. We endeavour to make the process of seeking and obtaining admission into overseas universities/colleges and securing study visas easier and less cumbersome. We also assist students in applying for and securing suitable accommodation either on campus or off-campus and we provide guidance and assistance in making flight reservations where necessary. Finally, we give pre-departure counselling on miscellaneous matters including the need for inoculation where required.

The key objective of the services we provide to students and their sponsors is to ensure that students get the best advice and support here in Nigeria so that the process of applying for and obtaining overseas university admission and visas is as hassle-free and straightforward as possible. In particular, our experience in providing counselling and guidance to students seeking to obtain study visas has no parallel in the industry. Students applying to overseas institutions through Dave Abion Consulting are assured that they can indeed 'move faster and fly higher'.



To become and remain the International Education and Human Resource Development Agency of first choice in Nigeria.

• We will employ the most qualified staff and state-of-the-art technology in carrying out all our assignments and projects.

• We will endeavour to carefully select partner overseas institutions to ensure that their course and progamme offerings reflect the current, and foreseeable future, needs of Nigeria’s developing economy and the academic and professional aspirations of our students.

• We will constantly strive to tailor our career counselling and recruitment services to achieve optimum value-added in our students. As graduates from our partner institutions our students will thus be able to make significant contributions to Nigeria’s social, political, economic, technological and spiritual growth and development.

• Our relationships with all stakeholders including our employees and clients will be built and sustained on the principles of mutual trust, sound business ethics, transparency, honesty, fairplay and integrity.

• Our services will be rendered to all stakeholders courteously, cheerfully and expeditiously such that if any stakeholder is not satisfied, they would tell us but if they are satisfied and delighted, they will tell others.



• Advice to students on career prospects in Nigeria; visits to schools for presentations and briefings.

• Counselling students in their senior secondary school years on choosing ‘O’ & ‘A’ levels subjects related to their career aspirations. Parents are similarly counselled so they can appreciate what is involved and provide assistance and support to their children and wards.

• Advice to prospective students and their parents on the choice of overseas Universities for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

• Advice on overseas travel formalities including applications for entry visas, inoculations and flight reservations where appropriate.


• Ensuring that our partner Universities are kept up-to-date about educational developments relating to high schools and Universities in Nigeria.

• Ensuring that only suitably qualified candidates from Nigeria (as regards academic attainments and good character) are recommended to our partner Universities for admission to both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

• Advice to prospective students and their parents on the choice of overseas Universities for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

• Maintaining regular and effective liaison with our partner Universities to avoid or minimize the hassles usually associated with the admission process, especially during the clearing period in August / September.